Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sunday, 22 September 2013

BES 2013 Welcome Back Event

On Sunday, 22nd September, Bruneian Edinburgh Society organised a welcome back event for its members. The event was also held to welcome the new addition of Bruneian students into the society. Held at the Cairngorm Room, Pleasance, the event started with a short presentation from the BES president, Maryam Haji Rajid regarding the aim of the society and few upcoming events organise by the committee such as the Hari Raya Aidil Adha celebration and the main Khatam Al-Quran event in the second semester.  

BES President, Maryam Haji Rajid giving her speech

BES Female Religious Officer, Nabilah Jeffery during her presentation 

The event continued with a game called "Find Someone Who" (which is the go to ice breaking game for Edinburgh's freshers) where the main objective is to fill in the questionnaire with names of the people who fit the criteria. 

Members discussing the questions 

BES Vice President, Siddiqah Rosli explaining the next event
The second part of the game was something called the Chinese Whisper. Members were divided into 2 teams and had to whisper a sentence from one person to the other, and whose team get it right, wins. The chosen sentence was "Goofy Grinning Gophers gobbled gigantic grapes while juggling".

Memorising the "impossible" sentence



Members of the winning team receiving the gift

The event ended with a small potluck lunch and the typical group photo to commemorate the day.

The Committee

Group photo

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sembahyang Hajat & Bacaan Surah Yassin

Sebagai persediaan untuk peperiksaan penggal terakhir 2012, BES telah menganjurkan majlis sembahyang hajat dan bacaan Surah Yassin. Adalah diharapkan dengan ini, para penuntut dapat bersedia untuk menghadapi kertas-kertas ujian dengan keadaan yang tenang. Acara yang mengambil tempat di Paterson's Land, University of Edinburgh tersebut telah diketuai oleh Asnawi Metusin.